July 2016

Following a summer break Twigg’s Gigs will be based mainly at St James Church Hall on the edge of the city centre.
The venue seats 100 and has wheelchair access. Handily for me it’s within walking distance from home, so makes set up that much easier.
Kicking off a fine run of gigs there will be, aptly, Steve Pledger.
Steve was the first musician to be hosted by Twigg’s Gigs, so it’s fitting he should be the one to headline our new programme.
Roll on the autumn! We’ll be opening the doors on Saturday September 24th.


2 thoughts on “July 2016

    1. Hi Steve.
      My apologies, I’ve only just seen your message.
      I’m struggling to get audiences, so I’m cutting gigs right back in 2018. I’ve given it a good go for three years, but things aren’t building enough to book many acts.

      Sorely missing Martin Hodge too. What a wonderful chap he was.

      Sorry I can’t offer you anything.
      All the best with the songs and touring.



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